The Gift of the Puzzle Box

The first book in the Nightwinder Tales, The Gift of the Puzzle Box, takes place near the end of World War II in the vicinity of a farmstead in Wisconsin.


It tells the tale of a boy caught up on the edge of wondering what he’s made of. He longs to be useful, to be the man about the place, but nobody gives him a chance.

Nobody, that is, until he runs away from home and finds himself caught up in a quest.

The manuscript is near completion and is seeking a publisher eager to share the story with young readers.

Michael Wilke is waiting for a lot of things. Waiting to be grown up, waiting for his dad to come home from the war, waiting for his sisters to stop treating him like a little kid.


Then, for this tenth birthday, his Uncle Bob gives him a puzzle box filled with great tools – and everything changes.


The next day Michael’s sisters start nagging (again), and he’s fed up. He takes his box and heads out on an adventure. Who could have known the puzzle box also came with a powerful spell and, in the light of that night’s full moon, things would be reversed?


Instead of being at home in York, Michael finds himself in Kroy, a place of mystery and danger. Luckily, he finds a friend in Laddie, a little magical creature who teaches him about Kroy . . . and about meeting challenges.


Michael faces many tests. He wonders if he can be brave enough, strong enough or smart enough to overcome the tasks ahead of him in Kroy. He gets help from the tools in the puzzle box, his Uncle Bob, and friends he finds along the way.


Will this be enough help for him to meet the challenge of the evil thief Eugor, and Knits, his monstrous beast?

Will Michael survive these challenges and find his way home again?

The Gift of the Puzzle Box will delight you with Michael’s journey and with the wonders of the small box that holds so many secrets.