I come from a long line of story tellers. Joining them was a matter of survival. My dad told jokes for as far back as I can remember. My brothers and sisters followed in his footsteps, and these days family dinners often finish with a marathon of jokes. As soon as one punch line, Read More

HOW THE PUZZLE BOX CAME INTO BEING A few years ago a friend told me for his entire life all he ever wanted was “to be of use.” The youngest of five children, his older sisters and brother constantly said he was too young, too small, too weak or not smart enough to handle, Read More

Excerpt from THE GIFT OF THE PUZZLE BOX       Chapter Eight: “River of Sparks” Michael lay in the darkness, watching the shadows of the willow branches form large swoop arcs across his shelter.  Loneliness fell around him like a cold winter. He saw the brightness of the full moon through the open end, Read More

Jo DeMars lives in southeastern Wisconsin and is the author of several fantasy novels for young readers, the first being The Gift of the Puzzle Box. That story takes place near the end of World War II in the vicinity of a farmstead in Wisconsin, as a boy is swept away into a magical, Read More